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February 18, 2012
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Platoooono by Yamio Platoooono by Yamio
Minini, Lemomo, Macece and Deroro! *A*
Thought I needed some update.
You might think I have stopped drawing kerons but I draw them like.. Everyday :iconnotimpressedplz:

I kinda went overboard with the keron anatomy here as I wanted to make it overly clear how they contrast eachother ;w;b

Minini Is short, VERY SHORT, for being a keron. He is in tadpole size all the time through life, poor boy ;w; He is happy and cheery, can appear stupi but he isnīt. He just doesnīt like to say that he get the obvious things.
Plus he is Yamis herself, my Orikero for my split personality ÓwQ <3333

Lemomo Is about the "standard" size, plus a lil "chubby". He got a very bad condition though to his constant eating but nobody is as strong as he is, the bad thing is that he canīt go on for long without losing breath. This is something he works on more as he get older.
He is aggressive and hot tempered. He easily fall for the tender types though. He claims himself as 100% straight but it doesnīt go so well with that *cough cough*

Macece The leader of the platoon. He got no respect though as he appears weak if you compare with the others. He pretends to be a ladies man but he actually is just a lonely sweetheart, that doesnīt know how to act around people. He got a crush on Deroro, which he tells himself that Deroro is a girl, to not break his hetero-ness.
He is pretty tall and fashionable, he hates his hat that he have to wear when he works in the platoon. He likes to dress up.

Deroro A pretty girly looking keron. Big large eyes that are shaped like diamonds made him bullied as young. He pretty tall and curvy, something he doesnīt like. He is calm, strong willed and protective. He is an assassin and when he gets into his killing he makes sure that he gets ice cold to not get any bad feelings. He is also my other part of Yamis orikero. My split personality. Merge Deroro and Minini together and you pretty much have a Yamis ;;;;
Minini got a crush on Deroro though UvU

And just for the record, even though Minini and Deroro represent me when it comes form making GIFTS for me or anything alike, these two actions, affections, and stories is all independent. They are my OCīs that CAN be represented as me.

People often got confused with that @w@'''

If you like I could tell any of these guys story ;w;
They are pretty long and deep, but only if you like *A*

I will give ya a cookie if you read it all :iconbunnyloveplz:
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Hahaha ♥
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...I was not aware that you were a lover of Sgt. Frog *A* !!!
Ahh life completed 'u'

Also, all these here charas are adorable ;u;
Yamio Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Aww really? *AAA*
Half my gallery are only kerons XDDD;
Or more than half ;; <333

Iīm all into the fandom *A*

Thankies so much ;;;; >33333333
ChrisyTopher Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012  Student General Artist
I never took the time to properly look at your gallery I guess! O_O

Ahh that's so awesome. I wanna make one now.
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...FFF they're so amazing
Yamio Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Baaau thankies so much ;;;;;;
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