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March 18, 2012
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K.O.A. Mr.Croque theater teacher by Yamio K.O.A. Mr.Croque theater teacher by Yamio
Name : Jack Croque, Croqeqe

Subject: Theater

Age : 25

D.o.B. : ------ He dont know.

Gender : Male

Species : Keron that seemed to have a contract with some kind of devil force.

Personality : Evil, sadist, Impatient, strict.

Likes : To bring people down and make them beg for their life, Torture, Humiliation to others, Money and things with special abillites. To scare the heck our of his students.

Dislikes : Silver, poor people, salty stuff

Fears: His father and love

Biography: As a child Croque lived with his mother and father. His mother and he was heavily abused by the father, but the mother took out her depression by hitting on Croque. His family was very wealthy.

He obeyed everything his parents wanted. He got good grades and never dares to speak up to himself. He was bullied in school for being so quiet and odd, sitting in the corner studying. He had a lot of scars and scratches in his face. People thought he hurt himself even though it was his father.

Croque trusted nobody, but one day when he started High school, a girl, seem to fall in love with him. Slowly he tried to open his heart to her and he fell greatly in love. So happy somebody seemed to love him. He bought her everything she hinted she wanted, or dreamed off. He started to work 24/7 with many different kinds of jobs to make her happy. But she never seemed to get enough. But he didnt mind because he didnt want to lose the only person that liked him.

But one day when he came home a little earlier to surprise her with a ring he was saving up for 2 years, she was kissing another person. As the quiet and calm person he was, she didnt fear to start screaming on Croque that she didnt love him, not even once, she just needed help with money for the moment and that she and the other keron had been together from the start behind his back. She started to laugh to walk out of their house.

Croque however snapped, and killed the other guy with one his of his tail transform to a stick. The girl got very scared starting to scream and try to run beside him. Croque had never felt this betrayed. Everything he thought was real was a lie. How could he forgive her? She had to say sorry! she had too!

He kicked her down and put his stick in her mouth "SAY YOU ARE SORRY"
"Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry ---" *she repeated the words as fast as she could crying and could barely breath*

"LOUDER!" he started to kick her head "Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry Im sorry"

She started to bleed and passed away. Croque was shocked what he had done and laughed like insane. Strongly feelings of regrets and pain came to him. Every moment in his life, had been meaningless. "HAHAHAHA I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS GOOD IN YEEEEEARS" *he kicked her again* "Bringing pain to others is the only way I can achieve happiness. Nobody will touch my feelings ever again" All the tears that wanted to come out he didnt allow it too.

He decided that his father had treated him right. You can only make people love you if they fear you. Then they will do everything you want.

He opened a circus with kidnapped children and poor people. People he could torture, and nobody would miss. If they felt pain, then he might feel happier.

However some years went and Croques circus went down due that one of his underlings, Yoruru tried to kill him.

Then he heard about the new school for different people. Kimiwarui-Obake. And decided to get a job there.


Im going to draw his story and my others soon, but I tried to tell it as short as possible up there ^ but myeeeh no need to read if you dont wanna OTL :heart:
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LostWithAShotgun Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconmenmatearplz: I love you Mr.Croqeqe...I feel so sorry for you...plz such a good story I can't handle the feelz :iconcannotevenplz: so good...
Miatronix Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Filmographer
Kyaaah I just LOVE this character O-O I love the story, i love his design, i love EVERYTHING xDD. Will you continue anything with this character? *A* (Or maybe i haven't see x'3)
The project Himiwarui Obake Academy is yours or it's a sort of group? ^w^
Yamio Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
YEs I draw my kerons all the time on free time haha XDDD
Ahhh no its a friend of mine group <333
Miatronix Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student Filmographer
Awn please i want to see more drawing with Mr Croque i'm in love omg :iconyuicryplz: btw! You make me want to draw kerons too! And could I draw your OC in fanarts? :iconyuiheavenplz:
Yamio Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Aww ;//////;
SURE SURE GO AHEAD AAAH Q////Q <3333333333333
MajesticFig Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
Oh my dfhgkjdhf I love his story ;;H;; It's so interesting I had to read it over and over again xD He is such a cool dude oh lordy
You are such a good writer! I wish I could write so good *A*
I feel so bad for the poor dude *le cry* THAT FUDGING LADY. SHOULDA TREATED HIM BETTER eHe
Yamio Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Awwwww r-really? ;/////;
Im glad you like it
thank you so much ;w;

Im thinking of doing a comic with him soon ;n; <333333
MajesticFig Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
Your welcome~

YAY cB *claps my hands*
kururulovescurry Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
dude yami you are one of the first to have me intrest in a oc bio i love his hat his scarf everything about him i really do so much
Yamio Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Fwaaaaaaah really? :icondesucraiplz:
Makes me so happy!
Thank you so very much :iconkissinguplz:
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